Search Engine Optimisation

Making it easy to be found on the Internet

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Content Building

 By providing quality content on your site across a number of pages we can increase the likelihood of both search engines ranking you higher and human visitors staying for longer on your site. We may utilise the expertise of qualified copywriters to improve the quality of the content on your site.  In time this will lead to your site gaining more respect from search engines and real web users.

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External Links

Search engines often rank your pages better if there are a number of other high quality pages linking to them. By targeting other high quality sites related to yours and getting backlinks from them the ranking of your site in the search engines can be improved. These sites may be other businesses, 
blogs, forums, or social media.

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Site Structure

Well planned site structure is important to both search engines and your website visitors. By 
improving the link structure of your site and the interlinking of pages within your site you can get 
your most relevant pages to rank higher in the search engines. This involves improving your site 
hierarchy so that it is as flat as possible, and interlinking within the site to other pages as much as possible.

It all starts with research

We will do SEO by doing extensive research into your current market, who your competitors are, what sites may be friendly to your site, who your visitors are and what your content is.

There are a number of proven methods of improving your site’s position in the major search engines. We use only honest, proven methods that will not be penalised by search engines at some time in the future.

Repeat visitors

It is an old rule both in business and on the web that repeat visitors are the most sought after visitors as they engage with the business and the site better. We will implement methods to attract repeat visitors to your site, this may involve content building, site optimisation, social networking and increasing user interaction with the site.

Building a community

Gigaplus can add forums and blog functionality to your website as place for your customers or members to regularly interact. This type of dynamic content is also consumed by search engines further improving your ranking.