Quality Assurance

Protect your online reputation

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Proof Reading

Gigaplus can check your site for grammar and syntax in English and other languages. Alert you when words are used that a layperson may not understand and suggest alternatives more appropiate for a public website.

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Platform Usability

Gigaplus can review your site on all major desktop, pad and phone platforms to check usability and confirm functionality by executing a variety of test exercises. Testers ideally will be virgin to your site so how intuitive the site is can be evaluated.

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Transaction Testing

In more complex sites, such as E-Comerce, Gigaplus can design a suite of tests to execute to check  there are no side effects to changes that have been done. If you have a mantra of continuous improvement to keep you ahead of your competition then Gigaplus can design a suite of automated tests that get executed for each change for your peace of mind.

Start later, Finish earlier

Gigaplus know that detailed upfront requirements will result in a solution being delivered closer to your expectations. Requirements that are incomplete, inaccurate or ambiguous result in rework which pushes out delivery times and drains your budget unnecessarily.

Seperate test and production sites

Gigaplus does not risk yourbusiness reputation by testing on your public facing instance. Projects managed by Gigaplus will have separate instances for development, testing, training and a managed deployment process to your live production instance.

Test reusability and data management 

No business can afford to be static in a competitive world. Any tests and test data developed for your site will be stored and available for execution as your business continuously evolves. Your test assets set a foundation of quality for your business.