Brand Design

The marketing bridge

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Corporate Identity

Gigaplus help you maintain and build your corporate identity to accord with and facilitate your business objectives.   MORE

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World Wide Presence

Today's road to e-Commerce, Global Trade and investment, almost anybody that can read and write has access and/or a presence in the World Wide Web  SITES

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Social Media

Social media has become an essential companion to business marketing, we can help plan a complete solution.

Logos ~ Logos ~ Logos

It is needless to say how important a logo is to a company's identity. Us humans can RECOGNISE  hundreds and thousands of logos on products, in advertising, social media and on the www. They are everywhere, even on our underwear.  Here are a handful we have created for our customers to be always visible in the marketplace.   Logos

Sales Lines ~ Slogans ~ Words

Words are very powerful. If they're married together well, it aids your message, "burns" into the conscious of your target audience.   slogans

Photos ~ Images ~ Illustrations 

Make a statement with professional looking visual elements. Images tell a thousand of words. Use them well and descriptively to achieve the WOW factor.

Grab their attention while they are there.  Photos